About Us – The Collectable Auction House

The Collectable Auction House was formed by Paul Nelson after collecting, buying, and selling Antiques and Collectables including Veteran and Vintage Cars, for over 30 years. Paul, a former Super Touring Car Race Driver, is a member of various Car Clubs including:

The Australian Motorlife Museum – Committee Member

Veteran Car Club of Australia (NSW)

Mercedes-Benz Club NSW – Treasurer

Rolls Royce Owners Club of Australia (NSW)

Our aim is to provide both buyers and sellers the best possible service for a competitive price.

We specialize in Antiques and Collectables that you can proudly use or display, as we believe they should not be just put in the cupboard. Yes, they will go up in value but why not enjoy them while they do!

With our knowledge of Veteran and Vintage cars, our aim at every Auction is to auction 5-6 Veteran and Vintage cars and to become the go to place for the sale and purchase of those types of cars.

For buyers, especially for the cars, we encourage you to come and inspect the cars and, unlike other Auction houses, we will enable you to hear them running and can be driven before you bid. This, unlike other Auction houses where you cannot hear the car running, will create a better sale price for the seller, and give the buyer much more confidence in the purchase.

All cars will be inspected by an independent specialist, and for interstate buyers we can arrange for a personal remote inspection via the digital medium of your choice.

So, if you have something to sell or are interested in one of the items, please contact us. We would love to talk to you!