1936 Ford V8 Phaeton (SOLD)


Successor to the legendary Model A, Ford’s classic V8 was the favourite getaway car for a generation of crime figures in America in the 1930s and a huge hit with the public.

In the face of worsening economic conditions, Ford’s offered up multi-cylinder power and refinement at a price affordable to most Americans for the first time.

Despite early reliability issues, Ford began to claw back market share from rivals Chevrolet and Dodge and the ‘Deuce’ claimed the top spot in 1934, generating the first profits for the company since 1930.

Ford updated the styling in 1935 with a look that was both more streamlined and harmonious, incorporating a narrower grille, angled windscreen, and integral parking lights.

For 1936 the front end was reshaped again with a revised grille and new rear wings, along with pressed steel wheels for the first time, replacing the outgoing model’s wires.

Offered once again in both Standard and DeLuxe versions, the 1936 Fords ran the flathead V8 engine developing 85 horsepower at 3800rpm, running a Stromberg two-barrel carburettor and with a 6.3:1 compression ratio.

Other changes under the bonnet included domed aluminium pistons, new insert main bearings, improved cooling (thanks to a bigger radiator and new bonnet louvers) and helical-type gears on first and reverse (along with second and third gears).

Ford remained the number one selling car in America, with production for 1936 totalling 791,812 units.

The V8 Fords earned a reputation for having great performance potential and cleaned up in stock car events during the ‘30s.

A Ford was even the chosen getaway car for infamous criminals Bonnie and Clyde, the latter writing a testimonial singing the praises of the V8.


The car was restored about thirty years ago in the US, with the current owner importing it about 11 years ago.

The car has the correct 1936 engine and gearbox, apart from Aluminum heads (Kerr). The current owner has a set of good iron heads that is included.

The body and trim are in good condition and while not concourse it is very presentable.

The tyres are only a few years old.

The car is still left-hand drive, but the current owner has enough spare parts to convert it to right-hand drive is so desired.

The car has only travelled 10,000 miles since its restoration.

The car is generally a real head-turner and makes an excellent club / rally car.

Please contact us to arrange an inspection – you will not be disappointed!

Car is sold unregistered.