1949 Jaguar MK V


The Jaguar Mark V (pronounced mark five) is a luxury automobile built by Jaguar Cars Ltd of Coventry in England from 1948 to 1951. It was available as a four-door Saloon (sedan) and a two-door convertible known as the Drop Head Coupe, both versions seating five adults. It was the first Jaguar with independent front suspension, first with hydraulic brakes, first with spats (fender skirts), first specifically designed to be produced in both Right- and Left-Hand Drive configurations, first with disc centre wheels, first with smaller wider 16″ balloon tyres, first to be offered with sealed headlamps and flashing turn signals for the important American market, and the last model to use the pushrod engines.

The 3½ litre car had a top speed of 90.7 mph (146.0 km/h) and could accelerate from 0- 60 mph (97 km/h) in 20.4 seconds. A British car magazine called the steering light at all speeds and free from road reaction, and said the new suspension showed great merit in comfort and stability, with performance figures very satisfactory.


Our car was built in 1949 and as far as we can tell, it was Australian delivered.

There is not a lot known about the history of the car, so all we can do it judge it based on its current condition.

The car was once a wedding car, so it comes with an after-market radio, and under front dash air conditioning. The radio works well, and the air conditioning seems to get cold. I suspect a re-gassing would not go astray.

The car is a pleasant cream with black top and bottom and beige leather trim.

The driver’s seat could do with some reconditioning and stitching, but all the other seats are fine.

The carpets are fine, and the woodwork shinned up with some polishing. The sunroof opens and closes fine.

The engine starts on the first push of the starter button and the gearbox engages without any crunching or noises.

The adjustable steering column will need to be adjusted as there is movement in the shaft.

Overall, a nice Jaguar Mk 5 that with a little refurbishment would a great and usable club car. An ideal rolling restoration candidate.