2004 Holden Commodore SS Utility


Holden’s VZ ute range for 2004 included the four-door Crewman, the One Tonner and cab-chassis variants. All get the new 3.6-litre quad-cam V6 engine, or optional Gen III V8, with the six-speed box as standard. The Automatic was a revised version of the old four-speed auto.

The V8 engine power is up from the previous model to 250km at 5600 rpm. Torque is very healthy at 470 Nm at 4800 rpm.

The good part about driving the 2004 SS Ute is that from the B-pillar forward, this is an all-Commodore sedan, meaning a comfy cabin with an interior that looks a lot more inviting that utes of old.

The price includes airconditioning, dual airbags and ABS including brake assist and electronic brakeforce distribution.

These are all fantastic safety items and Holden is applauded for incorporating them into what ostensibly is a work hack.

As Holden stated, “It almost wants to make you go out and get dirty for a living”.


The car is a two-owner car and is painted in the appealing black with black leather trim.

The SS Ute is powered by the 5.7 litre LS1 V8 engine and has only 120,000 km. That is only 6,000 kms per year!

Unmodified mechanicals, standard exhaust system, air conditioning and hard cover for the Ute back, make it an idea investment opportunity.

Being a country car, the front bumper bar could do with painting to remove the stone chips, but apart from the front bar, the paint is perfect.

With HSV models reaching extraordinary prices, this car will only go up in value.

So, get in early before they reach a price that is out of reach!

We are extremely proud to offer this car through The Collectable Auction House.

Please contact us to arrange an inspection – you will not be disappointed!

Car is sold registered to December 2024