1929 Pontiac Roadster


Pontiac was the first of General Motors companion make program where brands were introduced to fill in pricing gaps that had developed between Cadillac, Buick, Oldsmobile, Oakland and Chevrolet.

The original marketing approach begun when GM was incorporated in 1908 was to offer a range of vehicles in various body styles based on affordable to extravagant, and the customer base would gradually trade up every few years to the next hierarchy brand.

Pontiac’s introduction was a sales success while customers shied away from the more expensive Oakland.

In January of 1929, the updated Series 6-29 “New Big Six” was introduced, signifying that the engine displacement was now at 200 ci, and styling was now influenced by the Vauxhall 20-60 which GM had previously purchased in 1925. All vehicles built between August and October of 1929 were identified as Series 6-29A.

Some of the improvements recorded were appearance, mechanical or feature enhancements to include a vertical centre divider on the surface of the radiator, vertical louvers on the sides of the engine cover, oval opera windows on closed body sedans, and a combination transmission and ignition lock. 


This stunning 1929 Pontiac Roadster was restored about 10-15 years ago and is painted in Cream with contrasting light brown guards.

The car has been modified by the previous owners, but they have kept the vintage style of the car.

The body is now fibreglass from the doors back with original cowling and bonnet.

It is powered by a 202 six-cylinder Holden engine with a BorgWarner 5-speed transmission. The power is passed through a limited slip differential and the car is stopped with drum brakes in the rear and disc brakes in the front.

This modification makes the car drivable in traffic and comfortable on the longer runs.

Basically, you get to appreciated and enjoy the vintage car style and driving, with the reliability of more modern mechanicals.

If this is your first vintage car or just tired of the maintenance of older mechanicals, then this is the car for you!

The car also has a full set of wet weather curtains and a luggage rack.

It is a great car for Sunday club runs and weekend cruises.

We are extremely proud to offer this car through The Collectable Auction House.

Please contact us to arrange an inspection – you will not be disappointed!